Friday, June 25, 2010

New to the world of cloth diapers? So am I.

As a new SAHM, I've finally ventured into the world of cloth diapering. I get looks that say "are you crazy?" from friends, and a pat on the back from the older generation. I have to admit, cloth diapering lured me in with the cost saving aspect of it...but now I'm hooked on the simple green aspect of them. Cloth diapers don't release chemicals and don't take hundreds of years to decompose in landfills. While choosing your first cloth diapers (believe me, the choices are endless!) may seem daunting, the end result is worth it. I have spent countless hours perusing cloth diaper blogs and websites comparing prices and reviews (sighs) and have decided to share my new knowledge with you:)

Here we go.

FLIP from BumGenius. You can buy these cuties directly from, or you can check their website for a list of authorized retailers. I have ordered from, and (Kelly owns One Size Diaper Store as well). Anyway, back to the FLIP. This was my first purchase. I was a little scared of trying the original "old school" prefolds and flats, and this was the next best thing cost wise. I was also looking for a one-size diaper. A one-size diaper is a great investment because they claim to fit babies from roughly 7lbs to 35lbs. I ordered the day pack, which allowed me to pick my colors (Zinnia & Ribbit) and includes 2 covers and 6 inserts. I have a breastfed newborn. This diaper, as much as I love it, does NOT contain the newborn breastfed poo very well. The poo sort of runs off the insert, but...wait for it...the cover contains it! It's a great cover. In fact, I also use it as a cover for my Kissaluv contours. The other pros: Easy to use snaps can be adjusted to fit your baby (sumo or beanpole?), oh-so-cute bright colors, PUL cover-plasticky on the inside so it can be wiped clean between uses (potty only), inserts (I have micro-terry) stay dry against babies bum and are easy to use (lay flat in cover, no stuffing required). So, despite the fact that the insert doesn't contain the messiest of poos, I still love this diaper and use them everyday. Another perk I forgot to mention, the FLIP also has disposable inserts that you can purchase seperately. I know, it defeats the purpose of the whole cloth diapering thing, but some people think they are a great alternative to using disposables on say, a long car trip? I haven't tried them yet so I would give these a test run before plopping that baby down in the carseat:)

Kissaluv contours- I picked these up on the website because you get a significant discount when ordered multiples. I paid $10.95 each. This diaper is also one size, but does require a diaper cover. I pair mine with the FLIP cover or my Thirsties Duo Wrap in Blackbird (OMG-cuteness!). I have a chunky baby (thus the "sumo" reference earlier). Ms. Lilah was nearly 15lbs by her 3 month appointment and currently wears 6 month clothing at 4 months. To be on the safe side, I ordered my Thirsties in a size 2. I do NOT use a Snappi or pins with my Kissaluvs, instead I choose to use a snug fitting cover. The Kissaluvs are great at containing messes (great for newborns), but seem to be a bit on the warm side for Summer. These are 100% cotton though, and I've read that they are still more breathable than disposables. Lilah doesn't seem to mind them.

Bum Genius 3.0 one-size- I just got these in the mail yesterday (it was like Christmas!) and they need to be washed before I can try them out. More on these later:)

Fuzzibunz one-size- another Christmas present! I got this as a freebie from for being a repeat customer. Thanks Kelly, it's the one I wanted to try next!

Rockin Green detergent- so far so good. I bought some samples from because I heard SO many good things about the stuff. As you may already know, most detergents aren't safe for cloth diapers (in addition to other things like fabric softener and rash creams). After using my diapers for a month, I got a case of the "stinkies" and bought the RnG to work it's magic. The RnG recommends an occasional soak to rid the diapers of build-up and after an hour or so of soaking, my dipes smell fresh and clean:) I forgot to mention that RnG smells so yummy too! Don't forget to line dry if you can; it saves money & electricity, reduces wear on the diapers and the sun naturally bleaches out any stains! Need I say more?

Is that it? Yeah, for now. I am in puppy love with "fluff" as so many cloth diapering parents call it. I love trying the new styles, seeing my cute fluffy butt baby and looking at all my clean diapers hanging on the line:) It makes me feel warm & fuzzy knowing that I'm doing my little part. Don't get me wrong, I don't discriminate. My 2 year old sometimes-potty-training son wears disposables, simply for the fact that he's almost there (almost!). I'm happy I made the switch...I just need to pick up a new hobby so that I can stop drooling over the latest and greatest:)

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