Monday, September 27, 2010

September 2010

It's officially Fall. My toes are cold, my fingers are numb and I have the urge to bake something with cinnamon in it:) We had a great Summer. We only made it camping once, but with three kids, that was plenty. We stayed at a campground in Sturgeon Bay, WI called Pottowatomie State Park and then spent another night further up in Bailey's Harbor (Door County). We visited a gorgeous beach on Lake Michigan called Whitefish Dunes and the kids spent hours playing in the soft sand and jumping in the waves. We took the boat out quite a bit this year- Liam is finally feeling more comfortable in the water and loves his puddle jumper vest!

Olivia started 3rd grade this year and starts Pom Pons in October. Liam misses his sister when we drop her off at school, but I think he enjoys his quiet time at home too. We visit the library weekly and try to get to the Zoo and the Museum as much as possible. Lilah started crawling last week...more of a dragging her body with her arms sort of crawl, but once in awhile she gets up on her hands and knees and is across the room before you can catch her! Liam is our little talker lately, he's chatters in full sentances most days, my favorite is when he tries to answer the phone (and hangs up on the caller) and says "hejo? hejo! Nope, no home.", or when he runs into the room when Lilah is crying and says "Coming ya-ya, coming! Hi, YA YA!"

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