Thursday, February 10, 2011

Bakerella's cake balls!

I've been baking a ton lately. I'm a so-so baker, I tend to overdo it though and sometimes do things that are way beyond my expertise. I am in LOVE with Bakerella's website-she has some fantastic ideas! I thought making these for O's birthday class treat would be something fun and different (birthday treats still confuse me to this day-it's my birthday, you should bring ME a treat! Ah well:). I originally attempted to make the ones inside of peanutbutter cup molds and failed miserably! These came out ok, not as nice as the one's on Bakerella's site, but with the magic of photo editing-Voila! This link brings you directly to her recipes. O wanted chocolate cake and loved the Wilton brand blue chips (vanilla) so I used milk chocolate frosting, devil's food cake and the vanilla coating. The process was messy but well worth it. The cake inside is so moist it's almost truffle-like. My flavor combination resulted in something that tasted vaguely like an inside out Hostess HoHo!

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