Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Amelia had her surgery 3 weeks ago. She's still doing great, popped a stitch and her skin is breaking down a bit around her stitches, but the doctor said it's to be expected. 

Recap: We arrived on time, early in fact (a first) for A's surgery. She was in a wonderful mood despite the lack of milk that morning. We waited for what felt like forever while they got things ready. The surgery before us ran late and our happy girl didn't stay in that mood for very long. By 11:45, we had endured two bouts of wailing, a quick nap and some unhappy baby faces. When they took her away for surgery, I couldn't help but cry. A is a constant in my day, there arevery few moments that I have to myself and now I wouldn't see or hold her for hours. 

The surgery waiting area was packed with families waiting for their children. All day we would watch as the parents received telephone updates, meetings with the surgeons or leave altogether. 
We waited. We received two phone calls during a four hour period and each time it was good news. 

When we finally got the second call, it was to tell us that A was in recovery and would be waking up soon. After another half hour or so, I was allowed to go in and see her. A was still puffy from all of the fluids, but she opened her eyes and looked around. It was the best feeling. 

We were at the hospital for four days. On the third day, she had a BM and I was finally able to nurse her. The nurses were wonderful. One of them even brought in the toy aquarium to keep on the side of her crib. We didn't sleep much that weekend, but I didn't mind. 

I feel blessed to have A healthy and strong again. I'm happy that the surgery is behind her so we can move beyond always worrying about her or the upcoming procedure. We had a check up today and begin dilations. I wasn't quite ready for that part, but it's got to be done. 

As for the rest of the month: 

It's been rough. Last year around this time, we were enjoying 80 degrees and sunny. This year it's still cold and gloomy (this weeek, however, has been sunny and 40 so no complaints here!). The kids have been stuck in the house to allow A some recovery time and have just been angry. I get a lot of "meanie Mommy" or "you're not a good cooker" or my fave, "you can never ever ever come in my room, EVER again". Ah well. You'll love me again in Spring. 

Liam went back to Preschool last week and also started G-Ball, like golf but teaching the fundamentals of golf indoors. He loves it. Lilah of course is still in dance and Olivia is in gymnastics and just started track. That one definately gets her athletic abilities from her Dad! 

Amelia started doing something that I refer to as "Go crazy!" where she kicks her legs and gets this funny look on her face. It started when I placed her on the couch with no shoes and she realized that her feet stuck to the sofa back when she kicked. My silly girl:) 

We saw the Easter Bunny today. Amelia was sleeping so she missed out, but Liam and Lilah loved meeting him. When we were walking away, Liam informed me that the Easter Bunny was a real person in a costume. I was a little taken back but I said " No, he's the Easter Bunny". Liam then said "well I know he's the Easter Bunny. When he takes off his costume, he is real person and when he puts it back on, he turns back into the Easter Bunny". Whew, much better. Stay little forever:)

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