Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 2013

Amelia is 3 months old now and we're getting ready for her surgery on Friday. Nick and I are nervous, but I keep telling myself that in most circumstances, she would have already had a surgery with this type of malformation. I've spent all week preparing; cleaning and cooking/baking some things so that it's a little easier on my Mom while watching the kids. It's been rough though...Amelia has the most amazing smile. It literally starts with her eyes and spreads to her mouth. This past week I've found myself just staring at her when she smiles and praying that things go well.

She loves to stand up and has the most amazing leg strength! She always lets out a laugh when I get excited and tell her how big she is:) She also rolled over twice, one way, while doing tummy time last week.

Everyone else is doing fine. We're all healthy and happy and waiting for Spring to come:)

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